Welcome to The Adventurers Guild

The current setting we are playing is in a home brew world of mine, where players are a part of “The Adventurer’s Guild” and get paid to complete quests and adventure! It’s an episodic type of campaign where people can come and go as they please, and it requires minimal commitment. Most game nights will be independent of each other, much like a TV show rather than a movie. So there’s still character development and and over arching story, but each new “episode” is mostly independent.
Each time you play you can either create a new level 5 character, or you can play any character that you’ve played in a game that I’ve ran.
So that means:
- You can create a new level 5 character every time
- You can play the same character and gain 1 level per session
- You can play back and forth between characters leveling them both up over time.
Hope to play lots of games with you guys, and I also hope you guys will want to DM in the adventures guild, or your own adventure series!
Your DM,

The Adventurers Guild

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