The World You Live In


A Civilized realm ruled by a powerful empire. The government is ruled by a divinely appointed King. Churches and Military forces hold the power of the kingdom, driven by the lawful good godess, Dara. The Divine Empire of Reodrin seeks to bring Dara’s wishes to fruition.


A peaceful elven realm, Elune in the past was governed by a council of 10. 6 of their own appointed elves, and 4 appointed imperial officials of Reodrin. Together they made decisions for their country, and how to best protect it.
The elves have always been cautious when working with the Humans of Reodrin. However did not want to oppose them and decided to peacefullt allow their leadership and military presence.

After the fall of Hudford, Elune’s Human Capitol. The Council of Elune has cast out the Human leadership, and has asked for the presence of the Empire to cease within Elune’s boarders. It seems that the elves though recognizing the empires power, do not trust them to uphold the safety of the realm. Even to go as far as saying that the humans brought the destruction with their own corruption.


A peaceful tropical realm filled with ancient ruins, large rain forests and jungles. Ruled entirely by the empire, filled with exotic creatures and races, funded mostly by resources and sea trade. Profitable place to run a business and vacation.

Yulan: Unknown

A mysterious realm, small troops have been sent in over that last few hundred years, but the empire has since stopped exploration due to the soldiers not returning. Cities close to the boarder report occasional raiders and bandits coming up through the canyon. But the empire handle them quickly. Reports of Tremors, earthquakes, and dragons also come from the most southern villages.

The World You Live In

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